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Dr. OZ Review: Pure Green Coffee Bean To Burn Fat Fast


green-coffee-beansOn Thursday,  Dr. Oz recommended the mega fat burner pure green coffee bean extract.   Folks, this one is looking like the real deal.  Dr. Oz first mentioned it a few weeks ago for blood pressure, and shortly after, wrote about its efficacy for weight loss in the March 28 post “Dr. Oz’s Green Coffee Bean: A Powerful Tool For Weight Loss.”

The Study

Researchers found that overweight people lost body fat without having to diet, although they did stay physically active. Participants lost an average of 17.5 lbs and 16% body fat in 22 weeks.  This is a huge loss in body fat, especially for a group of people who continued to eat the same diet that contributed to their being overweight in the first place.

Daily calories averaged 2400 per day for the participants, an amount which would normally cause many people to gain weight.   The people in the study burned about 400 calories per day exercising.

How Does Coffee Bean Work?

The magic compound in green coffee bean extract is called chlorogenic acid.  Chlorogenic acid helps burn body fat in at least two ways.  One way is that it helps control the rise in blood sugar you experience after you eat food.  A slower, lower rise in blood sugar stresses your metabolism less, keeps your cells from manufacturing as much body fat, and makes it easier to burn the body fat you already have.  Chlorogenic acid may also inhibit the activity of an enzyme that breaks down certain carbohydrates in your digestive tract,  leading to less sugar absorption from your food.

This type of metabolic change promotes belly fat loss.

The Dose

The researchers tested two doses: 700mg and 1050mg, and found that 1050mg was slightly more effective than the 700mg dose. Dr. Oz recommends a dose of 800mg twice daily.

March 2012 American Chemical Society Meeting in San Diego


Edit: 10-22-14

We at Sundrops were deeply disappointed to hear about the retraction of researcher duo Joe Vinson and Bryan Burnham’s paper about green coffee bean extract.  Apparently the pair just admitted that they essentially made the whole thing up.

At Sundrops, we rely on published research to make recommendations to our customers. We do this because we are committed to supplying those we serve with factual information that makes a meaningful difference for people’s health.

The peer review process used in publishing scientific research is designed to catch instances of baseless conclusions or “massaged” data.  And it usually works exceedingly well. Unfortunately the process didn’t catch these guys until Green Coffee Bean was a national sensation.


  • Penny tenorio

    Can I take Raspberry Ketones and green coffee bean supluments at the same tim? 

    • Sundrops Nutritionist

      You definitely can take raspberry ketones and green coffee bean extract at the same time. They operate in completely different and non-overlapping ways in the body and because of this may have an additive effect when you combine them.

    • Ksusans144

      can you?

      • Sundrops

        Yes, you can take green coffee bean and raspberry ketones at the same time.

  • Jen Smith

    Great question Penny. I was thinking of starting the Rasberry Ketone and Coffee beans as well. 

  • Helene1926

    I’ve been on 2/ 800mg. Per day for 1 week and have lost NOTHING….how long does it take to start losing?

    • Sundrops

      In the research, people lost around 18 lbs over the course of 22 weeks. So they lost about .8 lbs per week. You would have lost less than a pound so far, even if it is working for you the way it did in the study. If you measured your progress at monthly intervals, you stand a better chance of seeing a clear trend. Thanks for visiting Have a great day!

  • where can you buy them for a reasonable price

  • both green and ketones

  • nanabear2yew

    I take. 1 of the coffee bean twice a day. I know I can take both coffee bean and Raspberry ketone Together. I read that Dr Oz recommends taking two of the raspberry ketones if 1 isn’t working. My question is… Can I take two raspberry ketones at the same time that I take the coffee bean?
    Does anyone take more than 1 coffee at a time? Also.. Could I take two coffee and two raspberry at the same time twice a day?

    • Sundrops

      Dr. Oz recommends taking two raspberry ketones per day. Take one in the morning and one in the evening. You definitely can take the ketones along with the green coffee bean. For the green coffee bean to work best, take 2-3 per day. Take one before breakfast and one before lunch and if you are not sensitive to caffeine, take one prior to dinner. Thanks for visiting

  • Abby

    Should I be taking two 400mg (total of 4 pills a day) pills twice a day, 30 mins before eating a meal?

    • Sundrops

      This is what Dr Oz suggested. In the study concerning green coffee bean and weight loss, the dose was actually closer to 1 pill twice a day 30 minutes before meals. Dr. Oz’s dose may be even more effective, though.

  • bindy

    i have been taken green coffee bean suppliments for a couple of weeks. have lost weight. but i noticed a rash on my stomach and back. has anyone been allergic to this. I take the Sliminex brand

    • Sundrops

      I am unfamiliar with the Sliminex brand of green coffee bean. At Sundrops, we are unaware of any rashes related to the green coffee bean products we carry. You might want to quit the product to see if the rash goes away. Otherwise, consult your doctor.

    • WallsK

      I just started taking green coffee extract and within an hour of my first dose, I developed a small rash on my stomach that lasted only about an hour – however- I have been itchy (all over) for the last 12 hours since taking it. I searched “green coffee extract allergy” and yours have been the only mention I have found of a similar reaction.

    • Kathy

      I too experienced this…so maybe it’s a side effect for some. Ive been taking it for two weeks now. I also noticed I sleep a lot less now. I missed one day and stayed tired.

      • Sundrops

        Green Coffee Bean contains caffeine and when taken late in the day may disturb sleep in sensitive individuals. Certain brands will have less than others.

  • lego

    Is this safe for a young person under 18 who is overweight? Is there caffine in the tabs? What would be the recommended dosage for a younger person?

    • Sundrops

      We know of no reason why it would not be safe for a young person, but I would consult your doctor, just in case. The tablets do contain a small amount of caffeine, but much less than a cup of coffee.

  • Nanna B

    How soon after a cleanse is it safe to start taking green coffee bean and raspberry ketones? Also, are there any medications that you should not take (or that might interfere) while taking these two supplements? And lastly, I heard that taking glucomannan is good to curb hunger, can you take it along with these two supplements at the same time? Thanks, any advice appreciated.

    • Sundrops

      We don’t see a reason why a cleanse would interfere with taking green coffee bean and raspberry ketones, We are not aware of any drug interractions, but it’s best to consult your doctor. Glucommanan is a fiber and should have no interactions with raspberry ketones or green coffee bean. Hope that helps!

  • jjae

    I have gastritis is it safe for me to take the green coffee bean??

    • Sundrops

      We are not sure whether this would be safe for you. Best to consult your doctor.

    • KS

      Do NOT take it. I did for just a few days and had a major flare-up…I have to go to the doctor now to see what can be done for my gastritis.

  • sherryjo

    i have ulcerative colitis, i have a bad case of it, it went years without knowing ,, can i take this and or raspberry keytones ,, i have to lose a lot of weight,, just for surgery ,, they have me on steriods and they put the weight on you ,, thanks

    • Sundrops

      We wish we had an answer for you, but it’s best to consult your doctor.

  • Strawz2440

    I have fibromyalgia and take a few meds can i take this 2 weight loss pills with my meds

  • kathleen

    Hi Dr Oz I put on appox 45 pounds in 6 month and i don’t believe is because i over eat because i don’t

  • Sofia

    so i have the 400mg pure green coffee bean extract. if i take one 30 minutes before breakfast, one 30 minutes before lunch, and one 30minutes before dinner would that be bad to consume 1200mg per day?

    • Sundrops

      No, it’s not bad. It’s actually in the dose range found in studies.

  • melissa

    i want to loose 10 pounds do i quit taking after i loose the 10 ? how many a day do i take?

  • melissa

    what is rasberry keytones?

  • melissa

    once u loose the weoght u want do u keep taking?

    • Sundrops

      Once you lose the weight, you have the option to keep taking it, or else to manage your weight with diet and exercise.

  • Lyn Giesbrecht

    I’m diebetic can I take this – I have tried it for a week & it took away my appetite & I watched my sugar check it was ok- this bean made me real nervous inside is this normal? Where do I order the cleansing pill?

    • Sundrops

      Green Coffee Bean has been shown to lower blood sugar. You may wish to consult your doctor.

  • Virginia B

    Has anyone had an allergic reaction to the Pure Green Coffee Bean, i.e. itchy rash?

    • Sundrops

      We have not had any other first-hand news about people having allergic reactions to green coffee. It is after all where drinking coffee comes from. However, individuals may develop sensitivities to any of a huge variety of natural and non-natural substances. Just because a sensitivity is very uncommon doesn’t mean it didn’t happen to you.

    • Christy A.

      I had an allergic reaction of itchiness all over my body days after taking green coffee bean. It worsened to severe hives which I have been treating for 4 months now with antihistamines. They have improved but still have not gone away! I am seeing an allergy specialist now and other research I’ve done shows many are similar experiences, although not as severe as mine.

      • Sundrops

        This reaction appears to be uncommon, but I have heard of at least one other similar reaction.

    • Lilly

      I just took 1 capsule (400mg) yesterday, I have a red sun burn like rash all over my neck and stomach and now back. I have never had this before. And I do drink coffee and never had this.

      • Sundrops

        Yes, I have heard of this. I have not seen this in any of my clients so far, but you are the third person online who has mentioned this problem. Definitely discontinue the product.

      • kristina

        I took it for two days and developed a red itchy rash on my stomach, legs, and arms. I stopped taking them, but still have the itchy rash!

        • Nikki

          I came to this forum to see if anyone else has been experiencing itchy bumps all over the body. I have been taking green tea fat burner from walmart for only two days and I have red, itchy bumps all over my body

    • Cindy B

      I have an itchy rash from the Green Coffee Bean (2 capsules). My arms look sunburned. A bit itchy on my legs, too. Discontinued the product. Treating with antihistamines (Zyrtec & Claritin) to alleviate the crazy itch. Still, the itchy rash hasn’t gone away.

  • Skeptic

    Ok, havin gread that this chlorginic acid compound may slow down the release of suger in the body. What affect does this have on one to obtain energy for daily funchion if the suger absorption is slowed down. Will this then lead one to need energy drinks to get by?

    • Sundrops

      When green coffee bean slows the release of blood sugar into the blood stream, it should lower the height of the highest glucose level, but not the total amount of sugar released into the blood stream. It should not give your problems with feeling like you have enough energy.

  • whynot

    Is it safe to take both Raspberry & Green Bean extract with a regular Multivitamin??….just wondering : )

    • Sundrops

      GCB, raspberry, and multivitamins do not interact with one another.

  • sandy

    WALMART has them for 11.98… I just started the capsule today at lunch….no cramping.. Can not to see it the green coffee bean will help me loose some inches of my belly…

  • moe

    can i take pure green coffee bean i am 14 year old today is my 14 birthday and i weigh 242 i am overweight can i take the coffee bean

  • lcg

    If I am diabetic, is the green coffee bean safe for me to take?? Can I take the raspberry ketones and the green coffee bean? I would really like to lose some body fat

  • dora

    Can I drink coffee while taking green coffee bean extract?

    • Sundrops

      Yes. Should be no problem. You don’t have much overlap in active ingredients between the two.

  • Dr Oz

    What about if I had gastric bypass surgery can I also take. Pure bean coffee extract Can I also take as well The raspberry ketone? Would they have any effect on me?

    • BeginToThin2

      I am asking the same question and not getting any answers. Does this have any affect on patients that have had gastric bypass?

      • Nutritionist

        I would redirect this question to a doctor who performs this procedure.  We are not aware of any affect.

      • melissa

        Did u ever find out if its ok I had surgery as well but I can get rid of my upper tummy and would love to try this out

        • Nutritionist

          I would discuss it with your doctor since I’m not sure how this would conflict with your surgery.

  • Dr Oz

    I have sugar diabetes high blood pressure asthma gastritis sleep apnea cholesterol I also have 2 stains my heart. And I’m also a anemic.

    • Nutritionist

      Since you have so many health issues, we would refer you to your doctor.  Have him or her review the research on green coffee to see if its appropriate for you.

  • Amal

    Hi there… i have a Lazy Thyroids… can it work for me or not?

    • Nutritionist

      Green coffee bean extract can be used by anybody.  We would refer you to your doctor to discuss options for your thyriod.

  • Srini

    Can pregnant lady take these pills?

    • Nutritionist

      No one knows whether or not this is appropriate to take during pregnancy.  We would refer you to your doctor to discuss your weight management while you are pregnant.

  • Anabo

    I took I tab of green coffee extract last Sunday and two tabs Monday morning, I developed severe hives. Went to doc on thurdsday and gave me shot of steroids and put me on six day methyl prednisone . I had taken Benadryl two tabs and and other antihistamines and it did not do anything . So far I’ve been on steroids for two days and little improvement! Had coffe this morning and it flared up again…

  • cathy_mountain

    can you take these whilst pregnant? I am 30 weeks incidentally!!

    • Nutritionist

      I don’t believe the research on green coffee was done on those who were pregnant.  I would refer you to your doctor to discuss this.

  • kasia

    Hello does anyone know if I can take at the same time green bean extract and

    Revitol Acnezine Skin Anti Oxidant pills??

    • Nutritionist

      You can take them together, but remember that the green coffee should be taken on empty stomach before meals.

  • reebs

    I have raspberry ketone 800 mg and pure green coffee beans 800 mg when and how many can i take these two together…

    • Nutritionist

      There isn’t a set amount or time for the raspberry ketones.  The green coffee extract was done before meals.

  • Marisol Ruiz

    can a 14 years old can take green coffee beans

    • Nutritionist

      The research was only done on adults.  I would check with the child’s doctor about this.

  • cbut

    Can i take the Coffee bean extract with natural pure cleanse

    • Nutritionist

      Yes you can.  Green coffee bean extract can be taken along with other supplements.

  • z

    Can I take this while on Prednisone?

    • Nutritionist

      This question should be addressed to your prescribing doctor.

  • Dee

    Can i take a ketone and coffee bean in the morning and then a keton and coffee bean in the evening?

  • Lalala

    Can you take green coffee bean together with glucomanan?

    • Sundrops

      Hi Lalala,
      There are no known interactions between glucomannan and green coffee, so they may be taken together.

      Thanks for the question!

  • roxanne

    Can i take green coffee bean and One a day at the same time?

  • Emilia Antunes

    i have taken this lol magic pills and until now not even a stone i lost to me its a big big bull so thats it i had enough of spending my money on this crap

  • Emilia Antunes

    it thus not work at all when i had tiime for go walks i lost 5 stones in two moths now i take d coffe beans booo not even a bloddy ston i lost so aint true sorry but thats bull to me

  • Lulu

    I’m only 16 years old and I almost weigh 75 kg and also its really hard for me to diet. Can I already take this green coffee bean?? Is it safe for me? And if I take it what would be the effects? is it I would poop more often or what??