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Place your order online or give us a call at 214-521-0550
Place your order online or give us a call at 214-521-0550

It can be tough when you find your body out of balance and conventional medicine doesn't seem to have good or easy answers. A knowledgeable nutritionist can provide you with new ways to support your health, through how you eat and exercise as well as targeted supplements.


During consultations, I take aim at the core causes of your health imbalance and teach you how to keep your body functioning at its best. We currently have an amazing set of tools to work with including effective dietary modifications, exercise and advanced supplement strategies. I am excited to find answers for you.


I offer targeted help for weight loss, and support for cardiovascular health, gastrointestinal function, and blood sugar. Appropriate nutrition promotes a healthy inflammatory response, good energy levels, and healthy sleep and immune function. I can help you maintain the function of your body during the aging process.

CONSULTATIONS                       135.00/ hr


Make appointments by phone or by email:

 (214) 521-0550

4306 N. Central Expy, Dallas, Tx 75206





I founded Sundrops in 1976 and we were among the earliest health food stores in Dallas. Over time, our emphasis shifted from health food to offering the best dietary supplements that we could find and backing those products up with exceptional knowledge.



“Mark Herrin is an incredible resource. I went in with so many questions and came out with a good understanding of the root issues…and now have a practical and easy gameplan to follow. Hooray.  This is so much better than I imagined: Mark offers doable, wholistic, and integrated answers.” -Lyn B.

“It starts with their nutritional counseling and then goes to their competent help in finding just the right supplements and dietary elements. This is an amazing establishment, dedicated to doing what’s right for their customers. Their once a month 25 % discount on all you buy is amazing." -Jo H.

"Mark is as seemingly infinitely knowledgeable as he is good-humored and patient with the zillions of questions my mother and I seem to ask. We have both shopped at Sundrops for many years, and wouldn't go anywhere else for our supplement needs. Thanks, Mark. You rock!" Carol N.

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