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Dr. OZ : Lemon Balm, Crankiness & Insomnia

On Valentine's Day this week, Dr. Oz recommend Lemon Balm to help with crankiness and sleep disturbance. 

Lemon Balm: Stress Reliever

Researchers gave a group of volunteers either 300mg, 600mg, or no Lemon Balm, and then subjected all the participants to stress.  Those receiving the 600mg dose were much more resistant to the negative mood effects of the stress, and rated themselves as much more calm and alert.  The participants that received 300mg had increased speed of mathematical processing, with no loss in accuracy.

Dr. Oz also pointed to research about the effect of Lemon Balm on insomnia.   Scientists gave Lemon Balm supplements to a group of stressed people who had sleep disturbance and mild-to-moderate anxiety. In this group, 70% had relief from anxiety, 85% had relief from insomnia, and 70% had both relief from insomnia and relief from anxiety.

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